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Download Grey-Box Problems

As of 9.9.2013 the Grey Box problems have been replaced due to a generation mistake. 
Please download them again. The new deadline exclusively for the Grey Box part is the 24.10.2013

The bronze, silver and gold problems are required to be solved to gain achievements. Furthermore, for the competition-based and evaluation-based ranking the red problems are also relevant. For further information please take a look here.

This challenge scenario is closely related to common analysis problems, as especially in service-oriented software there is often only an interface given that can be interacted with. The source code of the provided service is unknown.

This scenario is emulated by calling unknown methods that can manipulate all variables forwarded as parameters (it can and will only manipulate the specified parameters) in the original source code. In C this happens over extern variables, in Java by manipulating the static class members.

A black box call might look like this: grey1(a170,a92,a166,&a138,&a26,cf,a96,&a187,a14,input);

The black box can be explored by using a provided test environment (test.c) where all variables can be specified to snapshot the system state at the moment when the method is called. If the right system state is provided the black box will return the new values of all manipulated variables in a list of assignments. If an output occurs within the black box it is also emitted.

To concentrate on one black box only the other method calls have to be removed from main().

After the system state was emulated in the test environment the environment can be compiled with the following code on command line: "g++ -o test GreyOracle.o test.c"

And afterwards be executed with "./test" With a wrong system state an error will be omitted.

The provided source code files can not be compiled; for black box analysis there is a C executable provided that operates on the integer equivalent of the input alphabet.

The achievement problems can be directly downloaded while the additional problems are only provided in a tarball [Mac] containing all Grey-Box problems.

A zip file containing the solutions to all White-Box problems can be found here.

Alphabet size: 6

Property File: constraints-5.txt, Tarball: zip [mac]

Plain Arithmetic Array
Small, Easy Problem55 (Mac) [int only]
Problem56 (Mac) [int only]
Problem57 (Mac) [int only]
Medium, Easy Problem58 (Mac) [int only]
Problem59 (Mac) [int only]
Problem60 (Mac) [int only]
Large, Easy Problem61 (Mac) [int only]
Problem62 (Mac) [int only]
Problem63 (Mac) [int only]

Alphabet size: 10

Property File: constraints-10.txt

Plain Arithmetic Array
Small, Moderate Problem64 Problem65 Problem66
Medium, Moderate Problem67 Problem68 Problem69
Large, Moderate Problem70 Problem71 Problem72

Alphabet size: 20

Property File: constraints-20.txt

Plain Arithmetic Array
Small, Hard Problem73 Problem74 Problem75
Medium, Hard Problem76 Problem77 Problem78
Large, Hard Problem79 Problem80 Problem81